Earlier this month we moved into our dream house in a beautiful Oxfordshire village. When we walked up the drive we knew we would love to live here. I fell in love with the garden even before we walked through the front door. It was obvious Bob and Gwen had lovingly tended their garden as it was crammed full of interesting plants.

We haven’t quite been in a month. However our dreams have come true. I am looking forward to seeing what comes up over the next year.

We have gardens at the front and the back. Both are quite different. The front is South facing and apparently gets very hot in the Summer, so the grass will get quite parched. Above our porch at the front is a vine and a passion fruit. The large lounge window looks out over the front garden and is beautifully framed with vine leaves and passion flower orange fruits. I have discovered they are not to be eaten, even if they do look like luscious apricots.

One of my favourite blooms in the front at the moment are the Kaffir Lilies. I’ve never grown them before and I like their graceful beauty.

It’s interesting moving to a garden where someone else has influenced the design and planting. I didn’t have any fucshia plants in our last garden. The ones I’ve seen growing were lack lustre. However I rather like the dainty ballerina pink coloured one.

The dainty pink rose `The Fairy’ is still growing strong outside our front window and the magenta pink chrysanthemum is a magnet for butterflies even in late October!

Gwen told me that a large Viburnum tinus plant was moved as it smelt unpleasant. It has been replaced with dahlias and helenium. I hope they survive the Winter as they didn’t cope well where we’ve moved from. In time I might like to add a few ornamental grasses alongside for Autumnal interest.

We have a riot of colour with the red berries of the Pyracantha alongside the Yew Hedge.

Just this week little iris flowers have come out to greet me as I arrive home from work.

The back garden is much more shady, but equally lovely. We have a low wall which backs on to a neighbour’s wild life area, full of bird friendly shrubs and trees. I have embraced the bird feeders and we have seen 10 goldfinches, blue tits, blackbirds, great tits, green finches and a robin. They are rather fond of sunflower seeds consuming the contents of a giant birdfeeder in a few days.

Gwen had planted brightly coloured geranium spilling out of the pot lying on it’s side. I decided to pot them up to over winter and have replaced them with bright `n’ cheery cyclamen which give the same effect. They give a nice splash of colour when you look out of the kitchen window to watch the birds on the feeders.

The alstroemeria looks very healthy so I’ll enjoy cutting a few stems to arrange in the house together with the Winter flowering Jasmine.

The water feature is a nice addition and was very proudly constructed by Bob the previous owner. Next time I must switch the water on for my photo! There’s a tiny pond with a resident frog which I spotted when collecting fallen leaves.

So there we have it – a quick tour of our new garden. I look forward to sharing more photos with you over the coming months and years.

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