For as long as I can remember I have loved all things pretty, sparkly and vintage. I have a growing collection of vintage jewellery, tea-sets and vases. I am fascinated by social history and have spent many an hour tracing my family tree. I am beginning to acquire quite a library of books on the history of floristry and wedding flowers, vintage fashion and porcelain.

I have inherited a box full of vintage photographs and memorabilia which I treasure.  I combined my interest in social history and my love of flowers with a bespoke course studying the History of Bridal Bouquets at the Sussex Flower School where I reproduced bouquets from different  Eras. Often vintage photos have insufficient detail for me to produce a watercolour from. Using my original photos as inspiration I made replica bouquets which were photographed to show the flowers in much more detail. I was then able to paint my interpretation of the original bouquet.


I had so much fun re-creating my Gran’s bouquet from the 1937 photo which was as light as a feather. It was lovely to make my interpretation of mum’s unusual bible corsage from the 1970s and have a model wear her original wedding dress to be photographed.The original colour photograph was tiny and out of focus so it was a challenge!