November Posy

When I went out into the garden to pick flowers and foliage for this month’s Posy I thought there was absolutely nothing to work with! I was so wrong! I found an abundance of seedheads, hips and colourful leaves. I even discovered two baby squash.

November Pickings


This month has seen a real turn in the weather as Autumn gives way to Winter. At the beginning of the month I was out in the garden wearing a short sleeved top admiring my cheerful Helenium blooms.



The leaves on my Acer have glowed bright red.


Hydrangea flowers have changed in colour from bright fuschia pinks, purples and whites to coral pink, reds, oranges and browns. The white blooms are now lime green tinged with pink. Even the leaves have turned a wonderful red and yellow.

Hydrangea macrophylla

Mophead Hydrangea





Endless Summer - The Bride


November Flowers -21




As the month progressed I have been more aware of rain and frost. Colourful blooms have disappeared and been replaced with seedheads in muted colours. The change in season has felt symbolic. A close relative passed away recently. My senses have felt heightened by the beauty of nature. I had a wonderful visit to RHS Wisley at the beginning of the month and was struck by the beauty of plants in their `dieing’ state. If you follow my Blog you will know I am passionate about colour. However this month I have become fascinated by the textures and form of seedheads and grasses in more neutral colours. I have seen a beauty in something essentially in the process of dieing. Maybe it is because I know that the seeds symbolise new life and the promise of flowers to look forward to next year. My visit to RHS Wisley shared this juxtaposition of hues – the muted hues of November side by side with the bright remnants of Autumn.

Acer palmatum `Elegans'Red CascadeJapanese Anemone SeedsRHS Wisley Japanese AnemoneRHS Wisley Seedpod

`The song is ended, but the melody lingers on’
Irving Berlin

Gone to Seed

Echinacea Mood Shiny

The Colours of November

November Hues


Teasel Chinese LanternRosehip genrous GardenerSeedheadSeedheadAgapanthus Seedhead

For this month’s Posy I used a very special vase known in our family as `The Never Forgive Jug’. I grew up with my Gran saying `I’ll never forgive anyone who drops this vase!’ and so the black vase became known as `The Never Forgive Jug’. I found the vase when I was clearing my Uncle’s belongings after his funeral and decided it was an appropriate time to use it for November’s Posy. I must admit I never really liked the dark black colour. However some how this month it suited the effect I was trying to achieve with my November Posy. The dark black colour contrasted wonderfully with the foliage. I am not entirely sure of the date of the vase. My Gran thought it had been given by the lady of the house to my Great Grandfather George Spice when he worked as a gardener for Hempstead House, Bapchild in the 1880s. This story is yet to be verified! There are no markings on the jug so I may never know. However I l do like the story and the way it connects me to my past.

November Posy


So here we have November’s Mosaic  – a celebration of the hidden gems in my garden this month. Which do you prefer the muted or vibrant hues?

November Mosaic

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