February PosyInspired by The Quince Tree’s Blog  I have decided to pick flowers from my garden each month to create a beautiful posy. I am setting myself the challenge that all the flowers and foliage must have been picked from my own garden. I am planning a couple of floristry courses this year and am looking forward to learning how to cut and arrange flowers.  My aim is to photograph each months posy as artistically as possible. I love images which are pretty, full of light and celebrate colour. Photographers I particularly admire and am constantly inspired by are Jacky Parker and Mandy Disher. Their work is absolutely beautiful.  I want to experiment with table top photography and this seems a brilliant way to celebrate the flowers I have grown. It also means I can collect more vintage vases and table linen to display my blooms to full advantage. I am not so sure Mr Smiles will be keen on me collecting more lovely things though as we are beginning to need a bigger house!  I am also going to experiment with lighting my posy to best advantage. I think Mr Smiles may be keener on me acquiring more gadgets for photography as he does like a gadget!

This months gadget purchase was an economical Photo Soft Box Light Tent Cube. Photo Soft Box Light Tent  I hadn’t a clue how big a light tent to buy so plumped for the biggest one I could fit on our small kitchen table – an 80 cm cube. I often find when I am photographing a still life indoors I get distracting details in the shot I don’t want such as a radiator or kitchen utensils. A light tent solves the problem. Previously I have used a big sheet of white card propped up. I found the light tent very useful at an affordable price. It does have limitations. You need to be aware that the tent flings itself out of the case explosively. However if you know that it’s fine! It folds down to a small and convenient size when you know how! I strongly suggest watching a YouTube video for instructions.  The Soft Box did what I wanted – I got rid of distracting details and the light was more diffuse and uniform. Soft Box However I have learnt that it is too light weight to use outdoors as it blows about in the wind, which rucks up the backdrop. I may try it outside again on a calm Summer’s day. I also found the opening to position my camera lens through was too high if I wanted to be on a level with my still-life.  I solved this by keeping the front flap open. Later on in the year I will experiment with different sources of lighting in addition to my Soft Box. I may also experiment with making pretty back-drops.

February’s Posy is a simple arrangement of my  Hellebore flowers in a white dish. I found that floating the flowers in a dish of water meant I could see the beauty of each flower. In a vase they tend to droop and you are unable to see the fabulous centre of the flowers.  I found the flowers were beautiful enough so didn’t need a fancy vase to show them off.


February Posy


Each month I am also going to create a Monthly Mosaic of my best seasonal images to share with you. I have been inspired by The Quince Tree’s Monthly Sampler Project. So here we have it February’s Mosaic:-

February Mosaic


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