Christmas table centre

I have spent a wonderful couple of days making wreaths and table centres for Christmas gifts. I had saved poppy, allium and honesty seed heads from the garden and knew they would be useful. I got myself rather messy with gold paint spraying the seedheads but I loved the effect.

Christmas Small-23Christmas Small-24Christmas Small-18

I love this Urn and felt free to go wild! I had been out foraging for ivy and berries and chose a green candle which picked up on the colour of the variegated ivy. I also used some teasel seedheads which I had saved.

Christmas Small-3
Christmas Wreath Small-2
Christmas Small-1

The traditional mossed wreath I made on a workshop with Fabulous Flowers now has pride of place on our garden gate. I was asked to make a Christmas wreath for a friend to place on their Granny’s grave. I decided that I would make an oasis based wreath as it was likely to last longer in that setting. I love my allium seedhead which I used to form a focal point on the wreath instead of a bow.

Christmas Small-16
Christmas Small-17



I got rather carried away with table decorations. The plan had been to make a couple for specific Christmas presents. However I made five different ones as I was enjoying creating different designs. I may have decided not to pursue floristry as a career, however it still gives me so much joy just to have time to play with flowers. I am hoping the recipients will appreciate the time and care involved.

Christmas Small-25

Christmas Small-26Christmas Small-27

Christmas Small-29

Whilst I was feeling Christmassy I took a few pics of the decorations on our tree.

Christmas Small-11Christmas Small-12Christmas Small-14

Merry Christmas!


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