Patsy Smiles ArtistI recently needed a new Professional Portrait of myself. I wanted photographs which would show me in my best light and I knew just the man for the job. Who better than our Wedding Photographer?!  Steve Hicks, otherwise known as Squib Photography, did a brilliant job of our wedding photography. He was able to capture those all important moments of our wedding day which we will cherish. We really are smiling in all our wedding photographs and Steve managed to capture those tears of joy without being intrusive.

Mr and Mrs Smiles

Steve and I had fun back in December capturing me at work as an artist and then as a nature photographer. My brief to Steve was to show that I live up to my name and that the photos should be light, bright and cheerful! I think he succeeded!

Patsy Smiles – Artist at Work

PS (4)

Memory Lane BouquetPS (23)Patsy Smiles ArtistPS (25)PS (2)-1

Patsy Smiles – Nature Photographer

I must admit it was the depths of Winter and little was in bloom in the garden where we were shooting. I managed to spot this pretty Viburnum shrub with clusters of small, fragrant flowers which fade from pink to white.  There are very few outdoor plants that flower from Autumn through to Spring and this pretty pink Viburnum was enchanting. I thought I’d include my shots of the pink flower clusters for you to see.

Patsy Smiles PhotographerViburnumViburnum

ViburnumPS (38)-1

So there we have it – cheerful, concentration!

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