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One of the things I love at this time of year is beautiful dainty white and pink blossom dancing on the trees announcing the arrival of Spring. I have been eyeing up the trees in the local area for the last couple of weeks and today I had the opportunity to get out with my camera and capture the heavenly blossom.

I have processed my images with digital textures. A texture is an image merged with the original photo to visually enhance it. Textures can be used to create the romantic, pretty style I love. I aim to transform my photos to look like they have been painted artistically on canvas. Ironically I want my photos to look like paintings and my paintings to look like photos and truly three dimensional!  If a texture layer is applied without thought or care the image can look dirty and drab. You can definately spot a heavy-handed texture `artist’!

I have used Renaissence textures purchased from Sarah Gardner. I highly recommend Sarah’s highly practical book `Working with  Digital Textures – Art Beyond the Lens.’ Sarah’s images are always an inspiration to me – pretty, feminine and flowery. Lovely!

For obvious reasons I can’t publish the textures I used here as Sarah has the copyright. However I picked my favourite slightly pinky hued textures SJGP Renaissence 02 and 10. I have found before that a pink texture brings out the pink in whitey pink blossom. Without this warm pink processing the white blossom can look stark and cold.  An example texture layer might look something like this:-

Frosty Texture

I took this texture in the Winter through the frosty windscreen. The sparkle is the street lamp shining through the frost. This texture would give an image a sparkly orange and lilac grey hue when blended together.

My Blossom Heaven photo started out like this:-

Unprocessed Blossom Image

It’s not a bad blossom photo. I took a lot that were! It is difficult to photograph blossom when the flowers are dancing merrily in the breeze. A lot of images were out of focus due to movement of the flowers. Textures will never make a bad photo good, they can only enhance a good image. I was pleased with this original photo. It does have a shallow depth of field but one blossom flower is sharply in focus including the stamens. To process the image I cropped the image to create a more pleasing composition particularly focussing in on the flower I liked. I then blended my two textures over the top in Photoshop. My original image was a bit grey so I used the brush tool to blend in the pink from the texture. It’s like painting, but digitally and the good thing is you can easily start again with out mucking up the original unlike painting!  Here’s what the image turned out like:-

Beautiful BlossomThe textured layers have got rid of the dull grey twigs in the background and replaced the grey with a dainty pink. I have kept the sharpness in the main flower to make it stand out from the others. My aim was to process the image in a way that enhanced the prettiness of the flowers and I think I succeeded!

So here are the rest of my Heavenly Blossom images.

Pink BlossomBlossom HeavenWonderful WhiteWhite Wonderland

I need to order some more Greetings Cards from Iris Print so I’d love to know which of my Blossom images is your favourite!

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